Saturday, June 29, 2013

Out of the Wood ~

We are so excited to share with you that
Tom & Louisea Parziale from 'Out of the Wood' will be joining us at our
Gathering of Primitive Friends show
this year!
Tom is a master woodsman, creating beautiful carvings, benches, shelves & racks
from many different types of wood native to the North ~
here is Tom working on one of his wonderful carvings:
Tom Parziale ~ Out of the Wood
 This is just one of the wondrous works that Tom coaxes from pieces of wood he finds ~
the details in his carvings are perfect....
Howling Wolf and Full Moon....
His lovely wife, Louisea stands next to a piece of wood
(...that Tom will no doubt turn into something special ~)
Louisea works with reclaimed items and upcycles them.... 
you will see her talent for 
 turning 'things' into something wonderful for your home and yard!

Louisea Parziale ~ Out of the Wood
Carving the old fashioned way with hand tools is what sets this woodsman apart from the rest ~
he also incorporates reclaimed items and natural materials such as horns and antlers
...that he adorns his custom birdhouses with.
Tom will be demonstrating his carving skills at our Gathering in September ~
so bring your questions and cameras!
You can visit Tom's webpage at
I am not only happy to call Tom & Louisea 'friends',
but am proud to call them family as well...
they are my sister and brother-in-law!

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